Welcome to Vididalsa River

The Vídidalsá river, and its tributary Fitjá, is one of Iceland’s best known and most productive salmon river systems, with close to 1000 salmon caught on average every year.

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General Information

Originating in the highlands, the Víðidalsá runs a total 67 km to sea through Lake Hópið. The river is passable for salmon up to the Kolugljúfur canyon, approximately 25 km from its mouth at the lake. Its biggest tributary, Fitjá, has also been made accessible for salmon a long way by fish ladders built inland. 

Víðidalsá and Fitjá are known for their big salmon, boasting the highest median catch weight recorded in Iceland in the summer of 2023 and every year bringing anglers the joy of a 20 pound salmon. 

The river is also rich in other fish species like arctic char and trout, and offers a great variety in fishing. A total of 100 named pools keep anglers happily occupied in their search of big silver.

Middle of June until the end of September.

Early to mid July until mid August.

Eight rods which rotate on four separate beats.

Green Brahan, Colburn Special, Collie Dog, Sunray Shadow, Hitch Tubes, Madeline.

Single handed and small double handed rods. Floating lines.

Expert Guides

Our knowledgeable team of guides have been fishing the river for many years and will do their very best to assist anglers in every way during their stay. They have a passion for fly fishing and for the Vididalsa river they hold dear.

All our guides are English speaking and provide our guests with four-wheel-drive vehicles for transport along the river. Each guide is normally shared by two anglers, but a private guide can be provided upon request.

Vididalsa River History

Fly fishing for salmon has been practiced on the Vididalsa since the late 19th century. As was the case with many Icelandic salmon rivers the English were the first anglers to visit and fish the Vididalsa river.

In these early days of fishing the English reserved their fishing weeks through personal relationship with local farmers and landowners. The anglers who embarked on the strenuous travel to Iceland in those early years were the pioneers of angling in Iceland.

During the 1940’s the number of guests declined considerably but since the 1950’s the numbers have steadily increased and continue to do so. To meet this increasing demand the angling association of Vididalsa decided to built the first lodge on the river which opened for business in 1952. The lodge is still in service but has undergone numerous renovations. The last major renovation took place in 2011. Today the lodge offers its guests luxurious accommodation set in lovely scenery in the heart of the Vididalsa valley.

Enchanting Lodge and Cuisine

At Víðidalsá anglers stay in a newly renovated, luxurious lodge by the river. The lodge offers an attractive living room, dining room and terrace with good views of the surroundings. We offer 14 rooms for the eight rods, all twin-bedded with a private bathroom and shower. Private rooms can be arranged for rod sharers.

There is an outdoor Jacuzzi on the terrace and a sauna where one can relax after a day’s fishing. Later one can enjoy a three-course dinner prepared by our renowned team of award-winning chefs. 

Víðidalsá FAQ

We welcome rod sharers on all our rivers as well as non fishers. We can also offer our guests extra rooms depending on availability

Yes, disinfection must be carried out by a veterinarian from the country of embarkation and a certificate of disinfection presented to local custom officer upon arrival to Iceland. If a certificate cannot be obtained, the fishing equipment must be handed to customs officers upon entering the country for immediate disinfection at owner’s expense.

We kindly ask our guests to adhere to the check in schedules specified here on the website or in the brochures in order for our staff to be able to adequately prepare the lodge for your arrival.

In Iceland English is widely spoken by the locals and can be referred to as a second language.

The wading on the Víðidalsá varies but is mostly optional. We encourage anglers used to using a wading stick to do so.

The Víðidalsá is quite accessible with most of the river reachable by car with the exception of parts of the Fitjá tributary and the uppermost beat 3. The lodge is nestled on a hill overlooking the valley, approximately five minutes from the first reachable pool on beat 2.

Salmon start running the river in June with the highest concentration of runs occurring in the middle of July.

Classic Atlantic Salmon tactics do well on the Víði. Floating lines and smaller flies or micro cones.

The Víði is a big river although it squeezes in at times. This variety paired with the smaller tributary the Fitjá prompts many anglers to bring both single handed and double handed rods to be equipped for everything.

109 km

Approx. 3 hours.

65°25’12.4″N 20°36’08.4″W

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