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The river Sog – or Sogið – is Iceland’s largest spring fed river and flows from Thingvallavatn, Iceland’s biggest lake. Less than an hour’s drive from Reykjavík, the Sog is renowned for the lush and beautiful surroundings. It is famous for its big salmon and has for decades been popular with anglers.

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General Information

The wide and mystical river Sog has been very popular with Icelandic anglers for decades. In recent years, foreign visitors have begun to flock to this river as well, drawn to its beauty and the powerful salmon that run through the river.  We are proud to offer fishing at this massive river for a part of the summer with a strict catch and release policy.

The Sog is Iceland’s largest spring fed river, flowing though farmland and birch-forest from the famous Thingvallavatn-lake. In the last few decades, a number of anglers have caught their trophy salmon. Additionally, many have enjoyed casting flies for powerful char weighing up to 3 kg.

The salmon can run 12 km of the Sog’s 19 km and the Bíldsfell-beat is the uppermost one of the five beats on this river. The beat is fished with three rods and has numerous marked fishing spots due to its length. Every angler has plenty of room  for fishing. 

The Bildsfell-beat has close to twenty marked runs and pools but fans of this beat consider it one long fishing spot that holds salmon all throughout. 

There has been a high percentage of large salmon over the years and the allure of the big fish in the Sog has become a huge draw over the years. Additionally the beat holds a great number of strong char and many anglers choose to focus on casting flies to focus solely on the Arctic char. 

Some of the runs and pools are easily reached from the bank while others need wading.  This is a dream beat for double handed rods due to the width of the river. Lifevests are highly recommended.

The access to the fishing spots is quite good, and regular cars can be used to get close to the pools.

Fishing Season

From June 24th to September 24th.

Prime Time

Early July to mid August.

Recommended Flies

Streamers, nymphs or dry flies for Char and Trout. Standard patterns for the Salmon

Recommended Tackle

Single-handed rods, floating lines and double-handed rods

Bíldsfell Lodge

Anglers are offered accommodation in a spacious and charming and newly renovated self-catering lodge close to the riverbank on the Bíldsfell-beat of the Sog. The lodge provides four double rooms and a spacious open living room with dining area and a well equipped kitchen. A veranda on the south side of the lodge has a grill and dining area. Life-vests for anglers are provided and recommended as the river is broad, deep in parts and the current can be strong. Fishing the Bíldsfell-beat of Sogið is suitable for smaller fishing parties.

Cleaning can be provided upon departure. Fishing guides and a private chef can also be arranged upon request. Please familiarize yourself with house rules and fishing rules upon arrival.

Bíldsfell Beat FAQ

We welcome rod sharers on all our rivers as well as non fishers. We can also offer our guests extra rooms depending on availability

Yes, disinfection must be carried out by a veterinarian from the country of embarkation and a certificate of disinfection presented to local custom officer upon arrival to Iceland. If a certificate cannot be obtained, the fishing equipment must be handed to customs officers upon entering the country for immediate disinfection at owner’s expense.

There are many major airlines flying to Iceland during the summer months. The local airlines Icelandair and WOW Air fly daily all year long serving most  major cities in Europe and USA.

In Iceland English is widely spoken by the locals and can be referred to as a second language.

The Bíldsfell beat is quite easily accessible from the road. However it is worth noting that the Sog is a very big river with strong currents and wading it should only be done with extreme caution. Life jackets are provided at the lodge and we encourage their use.

71,8 km.

Approx. 58min

65°28’29.8″N 20°31’22.1″W

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