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the Svartá River

The Svartá river is one of Iceland’s best kept secrets, a crystal clear three rod river tucked away in a green, narrow and very picturesque valley. Svartá offers wonderful fly-fishing water and charming private accommodation, perfect for families and small groups.

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General Information

The Svartá is located in the northwest of Iceland and is a tributary to the mighty large salmon river Blanda. Svartá is an exclusive river where only three rods are permitted to fish its 20 km stretch of gin clear water. The river has a ten year average of around 300 salmon annually – many of which weigh up to and over 20lbs.

Additionally, a lot of trout are caught in the Svartá, prompting many anglers to bring a trout setup in addition to a salmon one.

The rivers fast flowing currents invites fishing with floating lines and riffling hitches. Pools are varied and one of the most productive ones is the junction with river Blanda, where the clear waters of Svartá-river meet the opaque-turquoise colored Blanda water. Accommodation is offered in a charming self-catering lodge within the magical scenery of the Svartidalur-valley. The lodge is fully equipped, including a jacuzzi and there are beautiful views of the river. A private chef can be arranged upon request.

Fishing Season

From July 1st to September 30th.

Prime Time

End July to end August.

Recommended Flies

Riffling Hitch, Black and Red Francis, Collie Dog, Black Sheep, Sunray Shadow, cone heads and tube flies.

Recommended Tackle

Single-handed rods, floating lines.

Svartá Lodge

At Svartá anglers are offered accommodation in a charming self-catering lodge within the magical scenery of Svartidalur-valley. The lodge is fully equipped, including a jacuzzi and beautiful views facing the river. Cleaning can be provided on departure. Fishing guides and a private chef can also be arranged upon request. Please familiarize yourself with house rules and fishing rules upon arrival. For any further information regarding the lodge please contact

Svartá FAQ

We welcome rod sharers on all our rivers as well as non fishers. We can also offer our guests extra rooms depending on availability

Yes, disinfection must be carried out by a veterinarian from the country of embarkation and a certificate of disinfection presented to local custom officer upon arrival to Iceland. If a certificate cannot be obtained, the fishing equipment must be handed to customs officers upon entering the country for immediate disinfection at owner’s expense.

There are many major airlines flying to Iceland during the summer months. The local airlines Icelandair and WOW Air fly daily all year long serving most  major cities in Europe and USA.

In Iceland English is widely spoken by the locals and can be referred to as a second language.

Svartá is primarily fished from the bank and the river is very easily reached from the road. Minimal wading is required, however the river has a fast current that is always worthwile being mindful of.

The Svartá is gin clear.

The Svartá is primarily fished single handedly although a double handed rod could be useful in the junction pool.

Salmon start running the Blanda in numbers in June. Exactly when they make the journey further upstream is subject to conditions and the Svartá usually holds fish for the entire season. Prime time would be considered middle to late July into August.

277 km

Approx. 3 hours, 30 min.

65.504156, -19.774875

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