Built on passion, sustained on excellence

Starir Fly Fishing club is committed to the preservation of the Atlantic salmon. It is one of the world’s most respected game fish with a great history of endurance. Without the fresh runs of salmon arriving every year from the Atlantic Ocean, our beautiful rivers would not come alive in spring.

The company was founded by three friends whose passion for fly fishing and the outdoors brought them together for this venture: David Masson, Halldór Hafsteinsson and Ingó Ásgeirsson.

Starir took over the lease of the Thvera/Kjarra in 2013. The river welcomed them warmly in their first year, an amazing season with catches of well over 3000 salmon. In the years that followed, Starir expanded gradually and took over more leases in Iceland. These include the Junction pools Brennan and Straumar in the Borgarfjordur district and another famous river up north that was signed to Starir and it’s partner company Laxabakki in 2015, the Vididalsa. 

Starir’s latest endeavors include taking over the Blanda and Svartá river in the northwest of Iceland, a big project of the restoration of the west bank of the river Sog in the south as well as taking care of the salmon gem of the Westfjords, the Langadalsá. 

Along the way Starir has been fortunate to work with a lot of amazing guests, anglers, guides, farmers and clients.